Anything to do with food?  I'm pretty much open to it so if what you're looking for isn't below, be sure to get in touch and we can have a chat.



There is honestly nothing I love more than capturing the perfect light, perfect angle - perfect photograph of a plate of food, fresh produce, a beautiful table scene, a great product or even a beautiful space or a face behind the brand.

I work from my studio but am available for on-site visits in Victoria.

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I adore creating simple, approachable recipes with minimal ingredients and easy to follow steps.

Whether it's showing people how to use your product in a recipe or creating a beautiful dish that compliments your product, I love getting creative in the kitchen.

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In addition to photographing food, I also love styling it to make it look as fresh/inviting/delicious/comforting as possible.

I'm available as a food stylist for displays, display windows, menu styling and for photo and video shoots.

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I love creating beautiful stop motions - they're so fun, and work particularly well for social media posts.  From showing your product being assembled in a dish and showing it from frozen to cooked, to demonstrating how to use your beautiful cutlery in a table setting - I love coming up with fun ways to show off your product with high quality stop motion video.

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From reviews and articles, to blog posts and copy for marketing, I love to write about food just as much as I love to talk about it!

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With a varied background including design, digital marketing, supply chain and blogging, I am available for consult calls and visits throughout Victoria and have worked with food clients on a wide range of projects including marketing strategy, influencer outreach, social media, small workshops and branding.

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